Knitting in the North

A discussion of knitting, family, home and other stuff.


So, here I am, a late bloomer, as it were. I'm not that technologically proficient, so we'll see how this thing goes. I'm a fairly new knitter. I started knitting last fall as a non-medicinal way of dealing with the baby blues after the birth of my third child. Like so many others, I took to it in an obsessive, kind of scary way, and my Wonderful Husband has watched with bemusement while I have rapidly attempted to fill our rather small home with yarn. OTK at the moment: my very first sock. This sock is requiring regular trips to my LYS for instruction and support. Last week I turned the heel, a moment of excitement I'm sure you understand. That understanding is nice, since my family has no idea of why this moment was so thrilling for me - they're all just waiting for their socks. I am now at "the toe place", and am looking forward to my visit today to finish that, and then very quickly cast on for sock #2, before I get distracted. I am also working on the Lace Blouson from IK Summer 2004. This is a birthday gift for my mother, and the first time I've ever knit on a deadline. I think it's coming along nicely - I have the back finished, and it's looks nice. I did, however, have to take a trip to frog pond with the front yesterday, and am now trying to make up time. I also have a modified version of the Girlfriend Shrug mostly done, and my oldest daughter is looking at this lovely pile of red yarn, wondering why it's not a lovely shrug in her closet so she can wear it to school. She got bumped for the birthday gift. It's proof of her sweet personality that she, only 8, understands why, and is happy to wait while I make a gift for Grandma. The Finished Objects list is not terribly long... I've completed a few watch caps, a kerchief thingy for said oldest daughter, Anouk for the baby, and a scarf or two. I'm quite sure that list will grow soon. I will be discussing knitting, children, husbands, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Not terribly original, but I look forward to getting to know you anyway.