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The Sock

I did it. Last night, I finished my first sock. There she is, in all her glory. Let me tell you, the trumpets sounded, the drums were lively, it was a moment for celebration. I very quickly cast on for the second sock, so as not to ruin my chances of a) remembering how to do this, and b) actually completing a pair of socks. Technical details: ONline Supersocke 100 Fun-Color, 75% superwash wool, 25% polyamid. Knit on US size 2 needles, with the ribbing done on size 1's. Now completed, I realize that it's a tad big on me, so if I use this pattern again (written for my by the lovely lady at my LYS), I will likely go to size 0 and size 1. Said lovely lady assures me, though, that once washed and dried they will be a dream. Once, of course, there is a they. More happy news. After spending a busy morning running around with my two youngest children, I arrived at home to find a red box on my doorstep. Yarn! More yarn! Just what I need. My son, who is 3, immediately NEEDED to see what was in that box, so indulging him (I did not need to see what was in the box. Really. I did it for him.), we sat down at the front door, ripped it open, and admired the wonderful bounty within. Pictures will follow, but I reached my limit with technology photographing and posting the sock.