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Beautiful Yarn

There it is, in all it's glory. Yarn. That beautiful stuff of which dreams are made of and wars are fought. Well, at least minor skirmishes at the LYS. Being a fairly new knitter, I have never purchased this much yarn at one time. I was seduced by those magic words, Clearance and Bargain. Those words are music to my soul and life to my spirit. I will admit, there have been times I have been called frugal, cheap, even stingy. I must protest, I maintain I am simply wise in matters financial. This time, I just couldn't resist. 60% off! How do you say no to that? First, I purchased the red. It arrived, and I was amazed at how lovely it is. The colour, the sheen, the texture. The knowledge that there was more just waiting for me to bring it home and create was too much. WH is laughing behind his hand, after years of listening to me harangue him about his hobby expenditures. I must say, the possibilities are making me dizzy. A striped sweater for me. No. A shell for my mum. No. A little cardi for my oldest daughter. No. Something cute for the baby - a dress maybe? I don't know. I look at that pile and my heart beats faster. My throat gets tight, and my fingers itch to cast on. Something. Anything. This is the moment where my self-control will be tested most severely. I need to finish the purple business. I want to finish the purple business. I also truly want to work on Orangina, in an entirely different yarn already purchased and swatched for the occasion. Perhaps a last minute substitution would be allowed? After all, it wouldn't hurt to just knit up a swatch, would it? Just one little swatch...