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Don't Look, Mum!

Here she is, in all her glory - the purple business. I haven't made much progress on either knitting or blogging fronts lately; I'm a part-time student and preparation for mid-terms and finals have been taking precedence. I do have a knitting group meeting tonight, so I hope to accomplish a few inches of the stocking stitch black hole I have entered. It's amazing how comfortable it is sharing my thoughts in this way... I expected to feel stiff and awkward, but I don't. The first of the Easter packages arrived at my house this morning. I saw the postman from my front window, and went running outside immediately with the baby, thinking it was my KnitPicks order that I'm waiting on. Instead of presents for me, though, it was presents for them. (Which is only fair, I suppose, but where is my yarn?) At any rate, my Dad and step-mother sent gifts for all little ones, blessedly without the presence of candy. I always feel they have too much of the sweet stuff, and since I ration it out, sometimes the baskets are still sitting around long after Victoria Day. Which makes me a little crazy. I love holiday decorations, but they must stay within their appointed holiday. I am thrilled to put up the Christmas tree as early as WH will allow, but I'm glad to see it go afterwards. Same with the Easter baskets. Now. Must study. Must not knit. Even though it's nap time, also known as prime knitting time.