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Income Tax Yarn

The Income Tax Yarn arrived today! That is, of course, the yarn Wonderful Husband agreed we should purchase with our income tax refund, after much negotiation. Last year, we bought a new TV. (I greatly dislike the TV, and would probably not own one if not for the influence of WH, who cannot live without it. On second thought, I would likely own a small one and a VCR/DVD, but would not have cable. I do love old romantic movies.) This year, we bought yarn. I truly believe that my $70 purchase of yarn brought me more happiness than WH's great big purchase of a great big TV. Above is Knit Pick's pattern for their Heirloom Aran sweater, with wool, Shine in Grass, and three lovely skeins of Shimmer in Turquoise splendor. I cannot tell you how difficult it was for me to buy that yarn for myself. The possibilities were so exciting, and it literally took me two days to decide on an order. Obviously, the wool is for a ruddy great sweater for WH (which may be why he gave in so readily to the whole yarn order concept). Shimmer is for my very first Clapotis. In preparation for this undertaking I joined the yahoo group KAL, and have been reaping all kinds of wisdom from the clever knitters there. I can't wait to get started, but naturally, I need to finish the purple business first. I have no fixed plans for the Shine. My original intention was to use it for the Picovoli pattern, but I recently saw a very nice tank in the third Yarn Girl's book, and may use it for that. Here is the baby, who very kindly entertained herself playing with the packaging, and left my yarn alone. I'm sure in days to come I will not be so fortunate. She enjoyed the noisy paper for about 15 minutes, and then took possession of the box for another quarter of an hour. My son, however, was not so easily distracted. His grubby little fingers went straight for the Shimmer. He's a bit of a pack rat like his Mum, and loves pretty, colourful things. He's fascinated with knitting, and tells me he's going to knit when he's an older kid. I agree every time, and I hope the desire lasts until his attention span and dexterity allow for a starter lesson.