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Saturday Sky

Here is my Saturday Sky for Sandy: this is the view from out front of my house. We call this the cutbanks, and is a high hill along a river valley, cut away by the Fraser River below. More progress has been made on the mittens! The first mitten is completely finished, ends woven in and all, and I'm just about to the thumb gusset on the second. I am trying to really discipline myself with the gift knitting, especially since Jeannie has just added another project to my list: she is quite sure that Victoria would love, love, love a pair of legwarmers for Christmas, and we just spent an hour looking through my stash. There is a basic pattern in Weekend Knitting, which I'll likely use. I'm not positive we found anything perfect, although I have a few ideas. You know what this means: my gift count has moved to one down, eight to go. Suddenly, December doesn't feel so far away.