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Mount Robson Sky

Since I'm finally able to post a picture, my Saturday Sky photo is one I took on our trip. Here's Mount Robson, the highest elevation in the Canadian Rockies. After many years of traveling back and forth along this highway, this is actually the first time we've had a clear view, traveling East. We generally drive East at night, or it is cloudy, and we can't see it. This time, though, it was perfect. Sometimes when I see the pictures, it's hard to believe I actually live here - I'm so blessed!

Knitting is progressing on the Birthday Poncho. I'm almost finished the second ball, and have one more to go. Jeannie called last night, and is still not sure when they are coming home, so if I work at it, I may get it finished up before her return. It's pretty tricky making a gift for someone without them seeing it. I must have been in the "black hole" that the Yarn Harlot talks about, since it didn't seem to be getting anywhere, and then all of a sudden, there was length! A thrilling moment, to be sure. Even my Wonderful Husband was impressed, and he's a pretty mellow guy.