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A Lick and A Promise

When I was a little girl, and a rainbow appeared in the sky, my mother used it as a teaching opportunity. She would tell me about the Bible story of Noah, and how the rainbow was set in the sky as a reminder of God's promise to his people. This beautiful Saturday Sky reminded me of that. It feels like my whole life is just getting a lick and a promise today. Gwenyth is turning 1 on Tuesday, so we're having a birthday party get-together tonight. Poor Gwen! I remember when Katie was a baby. Her first birthday was a major deal. Even when Brian turned 1, we had a party, I made a snazzy caterpillar cake, and all was good. Last week a girlfriend asked me what I was doing for Gwen's big day. My answer? "Oh, yeah, I guess I should do something about that..." So, she's getting a lick and a promise of a cake, and my house is getting a lick and a promise of a cleaning. If I'm lucky, I'll get in a lick and a promise for my knitting, too. (I'm rounding the bend on Tank Girl. I'm at the arm hole decreases on the second half, and hope to have it done this weekend. Unless, that is, I decide I have to re-knit the back. Still trying to make up my mind on that one.)