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Canada Day Sky

It's a true blue blazer, on this, our nation's celebratory day. I know you all have already read the Yarn Harlot's blog, but in cast you missed it, check out all her amazing Canadian info. I spoke with a wonderful American some time ago, who truly could not understand why we don't just go to war with England and win our independence. I tried to explain things a few different ways, but just left it with the old, "You do things your way, I'll do things mine... can't we all just get along" speech. I lived for several years on the US/Canadian border in southern Manitoba, and was always surprised at the way those little cultural differences could pop up. I had a very sad garage sale experience this morning. What better way to celebrate Canada Day than to leave the kids at home with my Wonderful Husband and run off to garage sales for a couple or three hours? I was helping my friend try on a pair of brown leather strappy sandals, when I spied it - a box of yarn. I beetled over as casually as I could, to see cones of yarn. Cones. Another lady (and I use this term extremely loosely) was there already, and as I started to put a cone of yarn under my arm, better to scope out the rest, she reached over, ripped it away from me, and announced that she was buying the whole box. As a Canadian, I said, "Oh, okay," rather than the "Fight me for it, yarn ho (also, as a Canadian, I'm not even sure if that's how you spell that word)," which was floating somewhere at the back of my mind. So she did, and I have no yarn. I did find a couple of knitting books and a few magazines, which require further perusal before description, but no yarn. Darn it, sometimes it's rough being a Canadian.