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Don't you think it's funny that kids always seem to act completely contrary to their nature when you want to take a nice picture of them? Gwenyth is truly one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. She laughs, she smiles, she even has a lovely mischievous grin. She absolutely adores being the centre of attention, so if she's there, she's golden. Today was not that kind of day. Now, I'll admit, we've had a trying couple of days. She's cutting a front tooth, and possibly fighting a touch of a cold. Still, I didn't expect anything other than her usually sunny self today at the park. Ah, well. Here she is, fascinated by a blade of grass, wearing Anouk, and the little instant gratification kerchief. Anouk was my first real project, and I don't know if you can see the texture in the fabric of the dress, but after I finished I realized that I had been purling by wrapping the yarn clockwise instead of counter-clockwise, which caused every other row to be twisted. It actually looks pretty good (can anyone say "design element"), but after this I trained myself to go the other way with the yarn. Here are the particulars:
Pattern: Anouk from Knitty Yarn: Sirdar Pure Cotton Double Knitting; 3 balls turquoise, 1/2 ball green, just a bit of the purple Started: December 2005 Finished: January 2006 Needle size: US #6/4mm Pattern size: 12 months I had originally bought a variegated yarn in the turquoise/purple family to do the flowers in, but when I started I wasn't happy with it - not clear enough on the purple pocket. So I tried the turquoise, and felt good about that. I am in love with this pattern. It was an extremely easy knit, and very rewarding as a beginner knitter. Kate Gilbert did an excellent job writing this one!