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Saturday Sky

This great blogger has come up with a great idea for jazzing up the Saturday postings out there. I've found the weekend content a little sad, myself, so I'm up for it. Check her out for the details, and get posting! My weekend knitting turned out to be a disaster. We went camping, and it was completely wonderful. We only went overnight, but it was well worth it, and I got to spend an hour or so checking out garage sales with a friend first thing in the morning, so it was an almost perfect day. The downside is that Brian was fishing around in my backpack, pulled out my knitting, and dropped about a dozen stitches in the middle of Orangina. I tried various methods of saving it, but since I was at the lake, I gave up and frogged the whole thing. It was very sad, and my stomach hurt at first, but then I started enjoying the ripping. I guess in the same way I enjoy smashing beautiful delicate china. It's sick and wrong, but it's still there. Anyway, the second half of Orangina, which I had planned to finish this weekend, is back to pre-natal status. I'm doing my best to soldier on anyway. I cast on again last night, and am a few rows in. We're having a family movie time with the whole crew tonight, so maybe I'll get some work in during Shiloh, the doggy movie we borrowed from the library for this blessed event. We started a weekly movie night for the whole gang during the winter, and I'm thinking it should maybe be put on hold during the summer. It's 32 degrees outside, so why aren't we out there running around in the sprinkler? Or, to be more precise, why aren't they out there running around in the sprinkler, while I sit in the shade and knit?