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Mother's Day

Boy, did I get spoiled! The day started with tea & 3 kids in my bed, and my family gave me a great gift - an iPod Nano! I'm very excited. For me, this is a total, frivolous luxury, and I almost feel guilty having it. But not too guilty. After we all went to brunch, and spent several hours in the garden, and had a family "movie night", and all the kids were in bed, I finally had time to set up my iPod. I started by selecting a playlist that I like, and then came the best part. Podcasts! I put on the last few weeks of Cast-On, which I've missed, as well as the recent episodes of Pointy Sticks, KnitCast, Musings of a Peaceful Knitter, and Quirky Nomads. The latter, of course, isn't actually a knitting podcast, but I so enjoyed Sage's episode of Cast-On while Brenda was away, that I thought I'd give it a try. Riches indeed! I can hardly believe my good fortune. Next on the list... a thing-a-majig so that I can listen in the truck. What fun the kids will have, listening to KnitCast with me while I drive them to school! I feel it's only fair, though, since we've recently completed the entire collection of Ramona books on tape, the children's series by Beverly Cleary. I actually enjoyed them... something about the rhythm of the character's lives made me feel all domestic and peaceful. And there's a grumpy Grandma who knits- you've got to love that.