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I have no pictures of ChildHood yet, so to make up for it, I'll share some stash. ChildHood is all seamed, ends woven in, and looks lovely, but I'm unsure how to close the front. The pattern calls for snaps, with decorative buttons on the outside buttonband. However, after the fiddly ick buttonbands, that I so carefully knit to match exactly, I hate to cover one up. I'm thinking a zipper may be the answer to both my esthetic and practical-because-a-real-baby-needs-to-wear-this issues, but I have not found a suitable one yet here. It may have to wait until my trip to Winnipeg, where I'm sure a 7 inch zipper that opens at the bottom is not unheard of, even in baby blue. Here, staff persons at various zipper acquisition locations have looked at me as though I have two heads. Although, in my defense, they all agree after looking at the sweater that a zipper is the better idea. This weekend, WH went into crazy cleaning mode, and when he gets like this, he tends to bin things now and think about it later. To preserve my stash, which I admit has begun taking over our living room, I spent the afternoon yesterday sorting and doing inventory of my stash. This is, of course, just the yarn I have no immediate plan for. That yarn is in a big wicker picnic-type basket, waiting to be the next contestant in Let's Make a Finished Object. By the way, the two turquoise bags on top, one light, one dark, are my latest yarn purchase. I found them this weekend at a garage sale, and am planning to make the hooded sweater from the Yarn Girl's Simple Knits book. I swatched them each separately, and wasn't totally pleased. Then, the lightbulb went on, and I tried them held together. I really liked it, and get much closer to gauge that way, which is nice because I then need to do less math. So, it's in the plan, but since it's for me, off it went to stash-land. Right now, I have other projects to focus on, but I hope to get back there by the end of summer/fall.