Knitting in the North

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I've finished the knitting for ChildHood, and since I am off to my knitting get-together tonight, I hope to do the making up while I'm there. I find it so much easier to do the seaming stuff sitting at a table with good light. It doesn't hurt to have experienced knitters around, either, who are there to save you from horrible, lengthy, frustrating mistakes. I am still working on the purple business, and am beginning to fear it will not be finished in time for my big trip. I know it's not a huge deal if I finish it there, but my pride really wants me to be able to whip out this beautiful FO when I unpack, not a snarl of hanging yarn, and two rolling pieces of knitted fabric. We'll see. It's just such thin wool on such tiny needles. I guess I need to find a good movie to sit in front of, maybe then I wouldn't even notice the stocking stitch. All the stocking stitch. I hope to have beautiful pictures to post tomorrow, of a lovely baby in a lovely hoodie.