Knitting in the North

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I'm rounding the bend on the purple business, so naturally, I've been trying to decide what is to come next. I've been planning on Orangina, but decided I was unhappy with the yarn I was using and frogged it. I am thinking about purchasing some Rowan 4ply cotton at Ram Wools when I am there next weekend, and starting again. I do so enjoy that pattern, can see myself wearing it, and I really want to make something for me. Plus, I've already bought the pattern, and since I tend to be a bit... well... let's say "frugal"... you get the idea. It seems very wrong not to finish something I actually paid money for. I've also been planning a sort of halter/tank thing for Katie, and Brian has a sweater all picked out that he's waiting for. I've tried to explain to him that it's no fun to knit a sweater in the spring, but his little boy brain just doesn't go there. He just looks at me, exactly the way his father does, as if to say, "You have the pattern, you have the yarn, and I want it. What more is there to think about?" That's the scary thing about having children, they are so much like their parents. In another plan for a FO for me, I bought yarn to make a shrug/bolero sort of sweater. The actual name eludes me at the moment, because I prefer it's nickname, "The Boobholder". The pattern is by Glampyre, I think, and is a short-sleeved thing, that closes with one button. I'm also dying to try Wendy's toe-up sock method from Knitty, and have a rather large stash of sock yarn I really should be doing something about. I am so glad school is over. I now have so much more knitting time.