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Cable Plans

This is the pattern I bought when I was in Winnipeg visiting Ram Wools, to make for the kids. My (perhaps overly) ambitious plan is to make one for each of my 3 little blessings. The pattern goes from size 1 through 12, and has three different necklines. I'm debating between doing each one with a different neck, letting the wearer choose which one he/she prefers, or just making the decision myself and knitting them all the same. The yarn I have is Briggs and Little Heritage, which is a 2 ply 100% wool. Has anyone knit with this yarn before? From what I can tell so far, it should be fine for the sweaters as far as guage, etc. However, I don't want to end up with three itchy sweaters that no one will wear. I purchased this yarn on clearance from The Woollen Earth (did you see how I've finally figured out how to do that link thing - very exciting), and have enough in different colours for each sweater. Gwenyth's will be in the natural white, Brian's in an oatmeal ragg, and Katie's is the sheep grey you see in the photo. I also have three incredibly soft and beautiful skeins of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, also purchased from the store above, and Jen gave me a pattern for a lovely lace scarf with a cable down the centre with the purchase. I am planning to knit that up as a Christmas gift for my Wonderful Husband's mother. Writing about it, I can hardly wait to get my hands into that yarn... oh, it feels so nice. So, if all goes according to plan, I will be a member of that special class of knitters who knit cables. Thrilling.