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Honorable Mention

Hey, this is a record week! Not only have I actually attained comment-ed blogger status, but I was even mentioned in a blog that I read: Knitting on Impulse. Too exciting. I'm still working away on Orangina. She's getting the bulk of my knitting focus right now, and I'm running out of time, so I'm scrapping the Peace bag project. However, if I find it deeply inspiring later, I may pick it up again. Because of my rebellious and willful self, I tend to not want to do things when I am supposed to, or am under a deadline, and instead become completely fascinated with something else. You know, one of those lead with a carrot kind of people. Sigh. I attempted to take Orangina to the beach with me, but was so busy watching my little ones experience nature and sunshine, I didn't accomplish a lot. I did take some very cute pictures of them, though, just not knitting related. Here's Gwenyth looking like a flower on the beach: isn't she sooo sweet?