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My Hero

The Yarn Harlot is amazing. Now, I know many others who also feel this way, but today I am just feeling the love in a whole new way. I just read (I think) today's blog entry, in which she comes to the aid of a frustrated cable knitter, who has crossed those darn cables the wrong way. Just to be clear, I am not that knitter. I have yet to enter the scary, wonderful world that is cables. This adventure is slated for this fall, though, which is why I'm so very impressed by the Harlot. She's brilliant. And not only is she brilliant, but she's very generous. All that work, and picture taking (not my favourite part, as you can obviously tell), for one of her readers. I can just hear her now, but in Larry-Boy's little voice, " I AM THAT HERO!" Orangina is making progress. I'm about a third of the way done the second half of the lace. When I get motivated, and recover from some serious sleep deprivation, I'll try to take a picture. Yeah, I know, empty promises. Anyway, it's looking great, and I'm loving it. I'm knitting it exactly, so far, to the pattern, although I'm toying with the idea of making the lace bits longer. I don't know. I'm a bit short in the torso, so perhaps that not such a great idea. I suppose worse comes to worse I could always rip back the ribbing and lengthen the lace if it really bothers me once it's all done, but I hate the idea of all that wasted work. We'll see. My accountant side is a rule follower at heart, so we'll see who's in charge when I get to the end of side 2. If the hippy is in control, we'll be doing my own thing. Does anyone else out there feel like you have a split personality, even when you don't? Yikes. It's like I'm constantly at war with myself. Not in a bad way, really, because if nothing else it makes me see the other side of the coin, but for once I'd like to face a decision and just be one person. Either the conventional suburban accountant type, or the free spirited, anti-establishment hippy. Not both. Never going to happen.