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One Skein Frogger

So, I came across the pattern for the One Skein Wonder on Glampyre Knits. I immediately decided it was perfect. For me. So many of my summer clothes are skirts and a tank top, and I almost always wish I had something to cover my shoulders, but don't want to wear a jean jacket or sweater. Also, the summer I was expecting Katie, I got a really bad sunburn just on the backs of my shoulders. Now, whenever I am out on a sunny day, that part of my body is the first to really feel it. Anyway. I downloaded the pattern, dug out some stash yarn, and cast on. And frogged. And cast on. And frogged. And cast on, with the yarn doubled. And frogged. And cast on again. Wouldn't life be nice if I just read the pattern properly, and paid a bit of attention to what I was doing? Turns out I was misreading the pattern, and freaking out because it seemed like the shrug was going to be way too small for me. I am now on try # whatever, and it seems to be coming along nicely. The reason I doubled the yarn at one point is that the pattern is written for a heavy worsted/aran type yarn, and my stash yarn is more of a light worsted. Doubling the yarn does give me gauge, but also gives me a much heavier fabric than what I want. I'm going for a nice thin fabric, with lacy-ish edges, that will look pretty. I'm about halfway through the main knitting portion of this exercise, and am pleased with the results so far. We'll see how it feels closer to the end.