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Back Again

Well, Gwenyth & I survived the trip! I'm home safe and sound, and it truly feels like a dream. I was speaking to my Mum on the phone last night, and I didn't feel at all like I'd just been there. I hate being so far away from those I love - when I'm here, I miss them, and when I'm there, I miss everyone here. But, it was lovely, and I had a great visit with my family, did some shopping and some gardening. Most importantly, I got to make a journey to a wonderful LYS, Ram Wools (link in the sidebar). I have never seen so much beautiful yarn in one place before! I had thought beforehand that I should make a list so I didn't forget anything, but didn't really believe that it would be necessary. Was I ever wrong - since my visit I have thought of THREE different things I wanted and forgot during my shopping experience. I did, however, come home with some beautiful bamboo yarn, as well as some Mandarin Petit for my Orangina, which I started and completely love. Obviously I just needed the right yarn for the job. I also picked up a couple of patterns. Pictures will follow, once I've unpacked my camera. As far as the purple business goes, it was a raging success! I am so pleased; it fit my Mum perfectly, came out so soft once it had had a bath, and looks great. I feel very proud of myself, except for one thing - I didn't get a picture. *groan* I've tried to talk my Mum into taking one and sending it to me, but I'm not sure I was successful.