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New Projects

Oh, the joy of a new project! After sharing how enamored I am with my Orangina, I immediately cast on for yet another summer tank. This one, however, is for Katie, and is the Short Snort Tank from Knit and Tonic. (One of these days I'll take the time to figure out how to make those words into links, and won't that be lovely?) No matter how much I love my Orangina, and am fascinated by the lace pattern, and am moved by the feel of the Egyptian cotton flowing through my fingers, it's just not an everyday, knit while Brian watches Scooby-Doo 2 yet again kind of project. I needed a TV watching, chatting with a friend, sitting in the truck kind of project, and this new little tank fits the bill. The only downside is that the pattern sizes don't go up as far as I needed, so I had to *gasp* do math. Thank goodness that's over! Wonderful Husband watched a movie last night, so I cast on and knit the bottom ribbing, and the first few rows of stocking stitch. I am using some more of my bargain bin blue yarn, the very same that made up the stripes for Gwenyth's sweater. Which I just realized I haven't posted yet. Hmmm. I suppose that will be tomorrow's plan. At any rate, it's a nice, worsted weight cotton, and since I've already washed and dried Gwen's cardi, I have no qualms about using it for Katie, too. Now that the ribbing is done, I can knit and knit and knit around and around for a whole bunch, which makes it great for knitting during the above mentioned activities.