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Hapkido Knitting

My daughter Katie has been taking a Hapkido class since September. I've been fascinated by it, and interested in taking the adult version, but was busy with school, baby, etc. Well, now the spring semester's over, and the baby's big enough that I'm not constantly nursing her, so I thought I'd give it a try. For whatever reason, I was completely intimidated by the thought of actually attending class. Scared me to shaking. I finally screwed up my nerve to just go and watch last week, and felt much more comfortable, so I went tonight to try it out. I loved it! It wasn't scary at all, but oh boy am I ever going to hurt tomorrow! My friend Jeannie came along, and she seemed to really like it, too. However, now she thinks I need a much more aggressive title for my blog. I know Knitting in the North isn't all that snappy, but I'm somewhat Title Challenged, and it took me long enough to come up with this one! I take Katie to class twice a week right now, and take my knitting to work on while I watch. So tonight, I stayed for the adult class which followed. As I was leaving, I grabbed my bag from under the row of seats, and Jeannie said, "Yeah, don't forget your knitting, or we'll never hear the end of it!" The other people there just laughed, like we were being silly. So I pulled out the finished half of Orangina, and joked that this was my meditation, and the class was my therapy. My question is, though, why is that such a surprise? Several people looked somewhat shocked that I actually knit, as though a person who practices a martial art can't also knit? What's with that? That's like saying a lady who wears skirts most days shouldn't have a tattoo. Grrr. People's assumptions are getting to me lately. I suppose it's a good thing that I can work out my frustrations in class. Katie did amazingly well in her class, and I have to brag on her a bit. She's one of, if not the, youngest and smallest person in her class. Tonight they did fitness testing, like push ups, pull ups, sitting against the wall, etc. She scored one of the highest overall, and came home with a whole mittfull of prizes for first, second and third places in various tests. I'm very proud of her, and love to see her so strong and confident in her own skin. That's one of the reasons I first put her in the class, to build her confidence. It's obviously working!