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Things for Busy Hands

I was looking around Busy Hands a few weeks ago, and came across a couple of irresistible bargains. First, the yarn. This is Mission Falls cotton, that was mis-dyed, and so was selling for (I think) $2.50 per skein. The dye is fine all the way through, but off a bit from the shade it was supposed to be. It's slightly more dusty/purpley than the picture shows, but still very pretty. I plan on another ChildHood sweater for Gwenyth, in the next larger size. There were also a few marked down colours, in various shades. Then I checked out the magazines, and found these Rebecca magazines. I've always wanted to buy one, just to see what they were like, but was never willing to pay the higher price. These were $5.95 each, and I saw a couple of patterns in each that I really liked. From what I can see in these two magazines, I like Rebecca. I did feel, as I read through a few patterns, that they were a bit hard to understand. But it could be just one of those things that if you start doing what they say, it all becomes clear as you go along. By the way, Tank Girl is still coming along. I left the first side, and started the second, paying closer attention to my tension. It's firmed up quite a bit, and I'm pretty sure I'll have to rip out and re-knit the back, but at least I'm feeling much better about it.