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Tank Girl Progress

This is just a quickie today; it's still "holiday weekend" here, and I'm posting while the bulk of my household is still sleeping. Once they're all up and at 'em, the day starts to move along fairly swiftly. Here is side A of Tank Girl. I'm about halfway through the decreases at the armholes, so just about complete. That's one nice thing about tanks, is once you hit the arms, it's a speedy slide to home. This is a pretty fast knit, and I'm liking the rib, but I'm a bit taken aback by my gauge. My knitting seems to have changed over the last two months or so. Previously, I have generally been "on gauge" for any project I would start. I would swatch, and always used the same needles/yarn for the pattern as it called for, no problem. I swatched for this project earlier in the year, when I realized I had grossly over-estimated the amount of yarn I needed for Katie's shrug, and had enough surplus to make myself a top. At any rate, I swatched, and put the yarn away with the needles, so I would remember and not have to do more tension swatching. Now I'm seeing that my gauge is pretty loose. For anyone who's made Tank Girl, is loose okay in the finished object? After all my yearning for some gratification, I'm contemplating ripping it all back and trying a smaller needle size. Any suggestions? Tips? Recommendations? I'm usually a keep plowing through to the end and hope for the best knitter, but I hate to get all the way there and end up with something I'm not going to wear.