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A Short Snort

Here's my lovely Katie, wearing a Short Snort Tank. It feels really good to finally have a Finished Object that I can be proud of, especially after the Orangina ripping fiasco, and the Tank Girl gauge issues. Even though I measured her, checked my gauge, and everything, it's a tad big, but I comfort myself with the idea that maybe she can wear it next year, too. She's such a skinny mini. Here are the particulars: Pattern: Short Snort Tank from Knit and Tonic Yarn: Mystery yarn from the bargain bin, light blue, 100% cotton (this is the same yarn I used for Gwenyth's ChildHood sweater - you know, the one I haven't posted a picture of yet) Needle size: 4.5mm circulars Metal ring: I searched the craft section of Wal-mart, and after feeling dissatisfied, asked WH, who suggested the hardware store. This is a metal ring from a horse's bridle, and works most excellently. Started: Sometime this spring... Finished: July 10, 2006 (which now makes is legal for me to start on Sizzle)