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Saturday Sky

What started out as a beautiful sunny morning, turned into this. It's still fairly warm, but it's grey, and we've had one light shower. Thank goodness it stayed nice until we got home this morning. I've had a productive day: did our requisite two hours of garage sale shopping, babysat a friends' little boy for six hours, made reservations at various campgrounds in Alberta, did laundry, baked muffins, chopped up rhubarb for juice, compote and crisp (I got the instructions for the juice/compote here, scroll down until you see the Goodbye June pie). A bit got done on the knitting front. Knit and Tonic has just put out a new pattern, called Sizzle, that I have been anxiously awaiting. To keep myself somewhat disciplined, I will not allow myself to start the new project until I have completed one of my works in progress. (Although I will confess to a little sneaky swatching.) I did a quick survey of where I am at: I have Orangina, one half done, the other just started. Nope, it'll take too long. I have Tank Girl, one half done, the other a few inches in. Hmmm, potential there. I have the tank top I'm knitting up for Katie, almost there! Aha, a quick FO, and then I can legally start Sizzle! Yay! So. The tank top. It's a modified version of Knit and Tonic's Short Snort Tank, and is knit from the bottom up, in the round. The front is sewed on to a little 2" ring of some sort, and then the back is divided into two straps, which come over the shoulders and join around the ring. The front is done, I'm working on the back, and when I do my Wal-Mart shopping this weekend, I'll find a ring of some kind. We'll be good to go, and I theoretically could be working on Sizzle by Monday. Woo Hooo!