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Bliss, True Bliss

Last weekend, we moved Gwenyth out of our bedroom, where she had been sleeping since her birth. I am proud to announce that I have now had six, yes, SIX nights of uninterrupted sleep. This is very exciting, as I hadn't had a full night of sleep in over a year. Sleep. Truly wonderful stuff, that. I was at the mall this rainy morning with my family. Not a place I go very often, but the boys needed to get their hair cut, and WH gets restless if he stays in the house too much. (This is the complete opposite of me, who likes nothing better than a whole day, or two, or more, when I don't have to leave the house once.) After my older daughter, Katie, had a wander through one of those accessory stores, (you know, the ones with all the plastic jewelry, flip flops, and "grab bags") I popped into our local bookstore. I was most pleased to find a copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a book my Wonderful Husband has been wanting to read, and then I picked up this, as well:

Knit Baby Head & Toes, edited by Gwen Steege. It's full of very cute baby things; I think my favourite are the Bumblebee Socks. I did attempt a photo of these, but my camera gave up the ghost as I was working on it, and I have no charged batteries (since once again someone unplugged the camera batteries when they plugged in the toaster, and then didn't unplug the toaster to plug the battery charger back in). Yes, it's always the little things that make you want to flick someone in the back of the earlobe. Sigh. Anyway, it's a sweet book, and since Gwenyth is turning the big 1 next week, I am suddenly obsessed with all things baby.

I finished the tank top for Katie, and just need to sew on the ring. Since I haven't done this yet, I have not allowed myself to cast on Sizzle, but instead have been working away on Tank Girl, feeling very satisfied in that self-righteous sort of way. I sincerely hope to have some "quiet time" this afternoon, and am being very firm with myself that I use it to weave in ends and sew on the ring. If all goes according to plan, photos soon to follow.