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Party Girl

The Party: Invites went all round to friends and family. The roll call ended up including the 7 of us from our house, Gwen's Nanny & Poppa, Auntie and cousin, and some good friends with their daughter. In my small house, 14 people constitute a major event. The Meal: I cooked up a mess o' ribs during the afternoon. To be clear, I do not cook. At all. My Wonderful Husband is the chef of the family, and he really prefers me to stay out of his kitchen. Sadly, he had to work yesterday, which left the food prep to me. Kind eaters claimed that you would never know how useless I feel in the kitchen after tasting the ribs. I actually quite enjoy baking, and other food pursuits, just not the cooking part. We rounded the meal out with potato and green salad, coleslaw and chips and dip. My dining room and kitchen looked afterwards like it had been swarmed by a hoard of locusts, so I'll call it a success. The Cake: Here is my super duper rubber ducky cake. Just a simple white cake, "iced" in blue whipped cream. I know it looks more green, and truth be told, I thought it looked a bit greenish myself, but friends and family all swear it was a lovely, watery blue. Gwenyth seized a rubber duck from the top of the cake, so we didn't have a chance to get a good picture of just the cake, but at least she really enjoyed it. The Gifts: Being a charming and thoughtful baby, Gwenyth spent a great deal of time admiring the cards and wrapping jobs. In fact, she couldn't have cared less what was in the package, but was quite taken with all the sparkly baby animals and tissue paper. After the fuss was over, she proved herself to be her mother's daughter by returning to her all-time favourite toy of all: Yarn!