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Still Waters

Blogger still isn't co-operating - I've heard good things about both Typepad and WordPress. I may have to look into my options if things don't sort out soon. Our visit to Drumheller was much more peaceful than the hustle and bustle of Calgary. We stayed in a really nice campground, where live about 50 bunnies. They were everywhere, but not so much that they were a nuisance, just cute. The campground had little feeding stations set up here and there, which quickly became the kids' favourite place to hang out. We purposely set a slower pace during our time in the Badlands - we were all starting to feel a bit stressed and cranky, and since the heat was even worse in Drumheller, we figured we could all use a break. We spent a couple of hours at the museum, but called it a day when the kids looked like they'd rather hang out and play with the computers than actually look around. We went back the next day for a fossil casting session, which was one of the coolest things we did on the whole trip. The staff person leading the group of kids was excellent, and it was nice to do something "hands on" after walking through the museum the day before. We also spent some time wandering around downtown, playing in the giant fountain, and drove to see and hike around the hoo doos, a natural rock formation. I was most pleased to sit for an hour or two at the laundry facilities in the campground, since they had an outdoor picnic table. I was able to sit and knit the whole time, which was the longest chance I had to knit, apart from in the truck. I also met a really nice lady from Vancouver Island, and we had a nice visit. She doesn't knit, but is a quilter, and complimented me on my consistent, even stitches. How nice to hear!