Knitting in the North

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A Camping We Will Go

We're loaded to the gunwales, fed, reasonably clean, and ready to go! We plan on doing a bit of a circuit trip. We're driving, towing our tent trailer, from Prince George to Mount Robson Provincial Park. Next day off to Calgary, going down through the ice fields. I'm looking forward to that, as I haven't been that way since I was a young girl, and our kids have never been. Although our main reason for going to Calgary is to visit family, I must admit that what I am most looking forward to is a visit to Make 1 Yarns, where I am taking a drop spindle spinning class, and engaging in a bit of a yarn frenzy. I have a huge list written out, and have been discretely suggesting to friends and family that CA$H would be a great birthday gift, so I can add to my stash. My birthday is this Friday, and my increase-my-stash-without-impacting-the-family-budget sneaky plan seems to be working. We also plan to spend a few days in Drumheller, Alberta, and make a visit to Royal Tyrrell Museum where dinosaurs and all good palaeontological (don't you just love that word?) things lurk. We'll stop in Edmonton for a bit of shopping, and then drag ourselves home through Jasper. It sounds like a whirl of activity, and I'm sure we'll come home much more tired than we are leaving, not to mention filthy. We plan to return Sunday the 30th of August, but may delay it a day or two if we're just having too much fun and excitement. I am taking along the birthday poncho, as well as Sizzle (which I really, really want to call Sozzle, since that's what my fingers want to type). I'm looking forward to all that knitting time in the truck, as well as at various campsites, and have great and grandiose plans for all that I will accomplish. Look for progress upon my return.