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Tankless No Longer

I'm not sure what part of my personality drives me when it comes to projects. I frantically finished up Katie's tank top so that I could start on Sizzle, and then immediately focused on Tank Girl instead. Particulars: Pattern: Tank Girl, from Stitch 'n Bitch Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus, about 2 (and a bit) balls Needle Size: 5.5mm Started: June 27, 2006 Finished: July 16, 2006 Photo credit: Miss Katie took this for me, and very pleased she was to be using the camera, including the zoom. I quite like this pattern, I feel very strong and broad shouldered in it. That may not be good for everyone, but it is good for me, as I have fairly wide hips. A bit of balance is always nice. I finished up on Sunday, including weaving in ends and blocking. I can see a *glaring* mistake, where I forgot to cast off 6 stitches on each end before decreasing for the armholes on one side, but it feels fine regardless. The non-knitters in my family couldn't tell, but I'm sure you could. It's satisfying, anyway, to have it done, and I've made some progress on Sizzle since. On a completely unrelated note: When I am writing a post, and use the spell checker Blogger provides, can you guess what alternative for knitter comes up? Janitor! What's that about?