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Back to School Baking

Since the back to school bells are calling, I have dusted off my recipe book, and started trying out lunch-box recipes. I attempted a home made granola bar earlier this week. The flavour is wonderful, but the finished product is too soft to actually send in a lunch. Really good mixed with some vanilla yogurt, though! If you know of one that works well, please share!

I came across this recipe a little while ago, and have been trying it out with different variations. Today's experiment: blueberry and raspberry, since that's what I have spoiling rapidly in my kitchen. I've been making these every day, trying to get back in the groove of things before school starts. I managed today without following the recipe, although I gave it a double check at the end, and realized I had forgotten the salt. The last few days, I've replaced half the oil with applesauce, and that seems to be working really well. I am always looking for ways to cut out the fat, and since I have two apple trees, applesauce (and any other apple recipe I can find) is in abundance. My next experiment is to try these with whole wheat flour.

My theory is this: if I can get really comfortable with the muffin making, I could stagger into the kitchen in the morning, mix up a batch, and then they can bake while I have my shower and get ready for the day. Then the kiddies can have a warm breakfast, or take fresh ones in their lunch.

Not much on the knitting front - I was about to bind off the second mitten last night, and realized I had made two rights. Sheesh! I know I know better than that - this is what happens when I don't pay attention to what I'm doing. Next task of the day (after I hang out the laundry, that is) - rip back to the beginning of the flap, and have a re-do.