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The Great Exchange

I have watched with fascination the exchanges that take place in the knitting community, both officially and privately. People are exchanging yarn, secret packages, dishcloths, stitch markers, and on and on. Still feeling pretty new to this knitting game, I've watched and wondered, and enjoyed seeing all the special things that arrive in people's mail boxed around the world. A while ago, you may recall, I joined this exchange, both for the fun of this neat idea, and to motivate me to try this thing I've been wanting to do. Here is my first try, and a gift for blogless Kathy in PA. I've been getting it all together this weekend, and am taking my little parcel down to the post office this weekend. I wasn't sure how to package them, and ended up knitting a little Amulet Pouch to hold them. It's actually very cute, and I'm thinking more of these will be in my future. Mitten work is progressing, although I stopped yesterday to knit up the little bag. I've also paused to cast on for a little pair of socks for Gwenyth, as a refresher. I'm using Elann's Sock it To Me yarn, and they're coming along swimmingly, except I think they'll be far too large for her little feet. At least I know she'll grow into them. I haven't looked at socks for a while, but Katie has been asking for a pair. I thought I'd make Gwen the guinea pig, since her feet are so much smaller, and then move on to Miss Kate.