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A Spinning We Will Go

Welcome to 2007! I hope your New Years' was wonderful, and that the first few days of this year have treated you well. Our New Years' Eve was very nice, we had dinner with some friends, and were home by 8:30 to tuck the kiddies in bed. I think this may well be the first time I have ever made it to midnight! Generally I am sound asleep, but since I've been working evenings, I've become used to later hours, and was able to do it. Even better, the kids slept in the next day, so I did, too! Yesterday I had my first lesson in spinning. The wonderful Loralee, from Mud River Angoras came to my house, bringing her wheel and two tubs of amazing fibre, and got me all set up. It was exciting and frustrating at the same time, and since I'm not the most co-ordinated of people (things like dancing, or walking without falling down, have never really come naturally to me), it took me a bit to get the hang of different things all going on at once. After I started “pre-drafting” the fibre, it became a little easier. The wheel Stuart bought me not only came with lessons from Loralee, but also a $50 credit. She brought me, to start, some very basic, easy to spin natural wool, and left me one bit of Corriedale as well, to inspire me. Oh, the decisions! Do check out her website if you're into the fibre, as it's all so lovely! My first yarn was painfully imperfect – full of slubs and overspun bits. I will admit to being a touch disappointed. I had this fantasy of sitting at the wheel and bowling away my teacher by being such a natural! Sadly, this was not the case. Today, however, once the little ones were napping, I sat down again. It started out as before, but as I went it suddenly became magical. Everything was flowing, and I was making yarn! Here it is, my first yarn (at least, the first yarn I'll admit to!). Look for actual knitting content tomorrow – I finished the string bag, and started the Sockret pal socks. I also received some yarny goodness in the mail, so pictures will be forthcoming!