Knitting in the North

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Ooooh, Ahhhh

Along with all the regular packages and parcels winging their way around at this time of year, have been some wonderful treasures on their way to me. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have people in my life that spoil me and do things to make me feel special. In fact, I was so inundated with lovely gifts, I told Stuart he didn't even have to give me my Before-Christmas present this year. (Yes, this is a real thing. He usually gives me a little present, about a week before Christmas. I'm such a little kid, I can't possibly keep waiting for presents, and this helps with some of the agony. Last year, it was a lovely set of blue and white floral china mugs, which I drink my tea out of every day.) The first parcel to arrive was from my Comfort Swap pal. She is a lovely sounding lady, originally from Canada, but now in Arizona, named Christine (sadly, blogless). I was gifted with some wonderful white hot chocolate, some apricot spread (which is not in the picture because I've been eating away at it, mmmm), some truly luscious truffles, and best of all, yarn! The alpaca sent is so soft and warm, and it's hanging out displayed on my fireplace mantle along with the nativity and candles, while I poke around for the exact right project for it. Thank you, Christine, it was great. Tuesday night, I came home from a long, long night at work, and was cheered to find this. A package from my Sockret pal. Moss, as I have come to call her, has really been the most wonderful swap pal to have, and has been an inspiration to me in my own dealings with swaps and sendees. She has kept in regular contact with me, and has really gone out of her way to treat me well. It is great having someone around who is regularly concerned about you, and “up” on what's going on in my world (even though it's occasionally unnerving to realize I am talking to a complete stranger). Moss sent a few sock-ey goodies, like a Sock Blocker keychain set, and this great little notebook, Knit Notes for Socks. Perhaps it will get even me organized! Moss also included some yarn, and it is so lovely I can't say. I have no idea yet what it is, but the colours are beautiful! When I first opened it up, I saw the turquoise, and was happy, of course. But upon further examination, I was charmed by the deeper colours – greens, purples, some blue and brown. It's wonderful, and I'm having a hard time focusing on the darn ends of The Pirate Sweater, when I just want to wind this up and cast on! The final thing to arrive was a Sample package, also courtesy of Moss. I'm going to save it for another day, though, because it was extra special for me, and I want to tell you all about it. Needless to say, even more Christmassy fun!