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Eating my Words

You knew, of course, when you read, “I'm going to try not to buy yarn” that you would be seeing a picture like this shortly! Although, in my defense, I'm pretty sure I placed this order just before I made the foolish, asking-for-it statement. Let's just get it over with: There. Are you happy now? I couldn't resist, though, you know how it is when there's a sale, and this wool/cotton Salishan was just calling to me! I'm hoping to make the Rusted Root pattern, since the purple cotton from Wal-Mart was just too much for my hands. (Not bad yarn, I still maintain, but tough and sturdy.) Since I was ordering anyway, I got an extra ball of Wool of the Andes for Stuart's giant Aran sweater (which I have committed to starting as soon as Brian's sweater is finished), just to be safe. After it arrived I took another measurement of Stuart, and the poor old guy has “grown”, which means I'm going to need even more yarn! Sigh. Why don't I do these things ahead of time? The answer is that I subconsciously want to make another order, of course! I picked up enough of the Dancing for two pairs of socks. I really like the way the samples in the Knit Picks catalogue look, and I like the idea of cotton/elastic blend sock yarn, especially for the summer. I'm thinking I could get ankle socks for both Katie and myself if I plan it just right. There is also two hanks of Gloss, since I was taken in by the wool/silk blend, it looked so soft and pretty. This is the first ever solid colour sock yarn I've ever bought, and I would like to try something different for these ones. That is, if I use it for socks. You just never know. You also see two pairs of small circular needles. I've been wanting to try knitting socks on two circulars, and Jen was kind enough to snail mail me directions, so I can give it a try. Got to love a new challenge! I must say, it's a good thing I've finally buckled down and got to work on Brian's sweater – I'm having a heck of a time with the secretive knitting thing. That kid is always around, and he's sharp, too. Some people, you can knit right in front of and they have no clue whatsoever. Not this boy! Between his awake hours, and my work schedule, it's going to be a Christmas Miracle to have that under the tree!