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Sweet Slumber

I have just survived the most interesting, and possibly harrowing experience I've had in a long time – the Dreaded Slumber Party. Katie turned 9 last week, and for her birthday she asked for a sleepover. I was (not) sorry to hear that 2 of her little friends were not able to make it – our numbers were a modest 5 girls to 1 mum. Oh, my! It was wonderful to watch Katie surrounded by her friends – you get a totally different view of your child when you watch them like that. I was pleased to see her behave kindly, and shepherd everyone around within the rules of our home. I will admit that a roomful of girls is not my favourite place to be (in fact, a roomful of any people is not my best place, I much prefer smaller numbers). Nine is such a tricky age, they are so mature in some ways, and still such little ones in others. We watched movies, ate pizza and junk food, and in lieu of a cake, had an Ice Cream Buffet. This included several kinds of ice cream, syrups, whipped cream, sliced fruit, tiny marshmallows, chocolate chips, chopped nuts, and every kind of sprinkle I had in the house. They had a blast, and it was nice to do something instead of the same old birthday cake. The last child has just left, and we're all feeling a little wonky on about 5 hours of sleep. The bonus in all that time is that I did a fair bit of knitting, and good thing! A few times, I felt the need to bite my tongue and just keep knitting! The peace would descend, the moment would pass, and all was right in the world again. Now that my home has returned to it's usual calm state, I'm off to have a nap!