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Updates All Round

The knitting night went well, although no pictures were taken. (Patricia is a shy lady.) She caught on really quickly, and cast on, as well as knit and purled. She's making a basic slipper pattern, and I'm a little concerned that they will be too small for her, but I didn't want to shake her confidence by saying anything. I made sure we got to a point where the pattern called for 6 inches of 2x2 ribbing, so she could work away on it until we can get together again. It is a lot of fun to teach something a new skill, especially one so interesting and meaningful to me! My Spinning Roving Swap package arrived yesterday – what fun! It included a top-whorl wooden spindle, some silk hankies, some very beautiful roving (from Lisa Souza, no less), plus lovely stitch markers, and delicious chocolate! Thanks so much, Julie this was a fun swap, and I love what you sent me! I'm feeling all over the place with my knitting, restless, and unable to settle down on any one project. I feel peace when I'm actually knitting, but getting to that place is taking work. I finished my first Sock of Doom and started the second (with a beautiful cake of yarn fresh off the ball winder!), did a little more work on Katie's hat, knit a few rows on a Christmas scarf, but nothing substantial. No update, really, on Mary. She's still in intensive care, but stable as far as I know. I'm relying on 3rd hand information, but from what I understand, they're not giving her antibiotics at this point. I don't totally understand the reason, but maybe someone can enlighten me. We've put together a little care package for her, you know, magazines, Yardley stuff, photographs, artwork by the kids, etc. I hope by the time it arrives, she will be out of the ICU, and able to enjoy it.