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More Black

Progress is being made on the Black Hat, although I've switched over to Gwen's little socks in the last day or so. I've become overwhelmed by the urge to knit myself a pair of Socks of Doom out of the Lorna's Laces Swirl I purchased a while ago, and can not allow myself more than one pair on the needles at a time. So socks it's been, and socks it will remain. More on the hat: I have nothing against black as a colour (or non-colour, or all-colours, I've never really had that clarified to my liking). I actually wear it myself quite a bit (which makes it seem strange to me that Katie would deign to put the same thing on her body), it's just knitting it that I don't care for. It's very dark, and hard to see at times, and if I'm going to be staring at soft, lovely yarn, I would much rather it be something pretty. I really am a girly kind of girl. Katie is a tough cookie, so you're probably right, the black will make her feel and look like she should not be messed with (which she shouldn't – I saw her at Hapkido this week, she took this kid down and did a “controlled” pin and elbow smash to the face, Yikes! I would seriously not want to get on her bad side). And, you're also right, black is universal, and she'll likely wear it until she outgrows it. So it's all good. But still. I can't get away from the feeling that my “baby girl” should be in a nice blue, or perhaps a cherry red. But the yarn is soft, and feels nice in my hands, and is just super good. So I'll get past it. One more thing – the pattern she chose is for a beret and mittens, but now she tells me that she would prefer fingerless gloves. Any suggestions on modifying the existing pattern? A band of ribbing, or a rolled stocking stitch knit with a smaller needle? What do you think?