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Dorothy Yarn!

I've been wanting to post for the last few days, but have been completely annihilated by the nastiest cold I've experienced in a long time! I'm tired, cold, achy, dizzy, stuffy, runny, feverish, you name it! (Insert more whine, whine, whine, here.) Anyway, I've been in survival mode, and wasn't able to stir myself to write until today. But LOOK what the postman brought this morning! Dorothy yarn! Now, if you've never paid a visit to Dorothy, you simply must pop over. She has an amazing eye for colour; I love the way she dyes yarn. I've admired what she does for a while, so you can imagine my extreme delight when I won this in a contest she held on her blog. Now, I don't know if she planned this or not, but the yarn above is called Glacier, and could anything be more fitting for this northern girl? I must say, it is so much like the icefields, it's amazing. The hardy wool just matches the sturdy texture of the mountains, the grey of the ice and rock, the exquisite turquoise of the glacier pools tucked here and there. It's truly lovely, Dorothy, you made this sick girl's day! Thank you. In further knitting news, I have managed to put off The Skull once again. (Can any of you see me frantically finishing this thing up on Christmas Eve?) I am working on a very sweet pair of Feather and Fan socks for Gwenyth, and Brian sidled up to me the other day with this (I must say it, slightly horrid) yarn he bought himself at a garage sale this summer. He found 3 balls of this blue acrylic stuff, and paid the princely sum of 25 cents for the whole kit and caboodle. He turned his lovely hazel eyes on me and begged for a scarf. I foolishly allowed him to surf the net with me to find a pattern, and now I'm knitting up a garter stitch (ugh) acrylic (groan) Snake Scarf. It's whipping along - I might be motivated to finish quickly by the feel of my sweaty hands. Of course, it could be the every half hour check in, too. "Is my scarf done yet? Can I wear it to school tomorrow?" Ah, well. How can you say no to a tiny face that looks just like his daddy?