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Sending to Swappers

I've been busy today getting packages ready to go in the mail. The first is the parcel for my International Scarf Exchange Pal. Here is the completed Mistake Rib scarf, all blocked and lovely. I used Grignasco Jazz, which is 100% Merino, and once blocked showed a lovely halo, and is so soft. My pal lives in a place with cold, wet winters, so my plan was for a cozy warm scarf. I think this fits the bill, and I hope she really enjoys it. I enjoyed knitting it up! I tucked in some of the Tea Forte I told you about, and some mint chocolate. The second box I have to mail is to my Spinning Roving Swap pal. I am sending to her an Ashford Student drop spindle, and some of the same English wool I bought for myself to practice on. My pal is a real beginner at spinning, so I thought she would enjoy this fibre. She, also, has some tea and chocolate, as well as a couple of balls of crochet cotton. She's more of a crocheter than a knitter. Lastly, my first package to my Sockret pal is in the works. I don't want to go into detail on this one, just in case she happens by my blog. I'm having a lot of fun with all this, though! I started Rusted Root last night. It's a pretty easy to knit pattern, and I'm enjoying it so far. Even though the bulk of the pattern is stocking stitch, there is the interest of slipping markers, and the lace panel in front to keep you going. The new yarn is knitting up quite nicely. It's a tad stiff, and I hope it will soften once it's all washed and dried a time or two. Very pretty, though.