Knitting in the North

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I'm home at last. My hell week is over, and I'm pleased to say I finished both my ISE scarf, and the baby socks for Gwen while I was surviving. Believe me, it was sanity knitting, in that if I didn't knit I would go insane. I have no pictures to post, because we are still re-tiling our kitchen/dining room, and my cable plug in is there, so I don't have my computer. I'm using a friends' at the moment, but am not energetic enough to try and figure out all that technology. I've been working on Brian's sock the last couple of days, and turned the heel yesterday. It's actually starting to look like a sock, and I'm not making much progress today, since whenever I pick it up, I get busy admiring the short row heel, and forget about the actual knitting. More goodies arrived in the mail this week! Gina, a wonderful lady I met at Make 1 Yarns in Calgary, was destashing recently, and I bought some lovely turquoise wool. It's my favourite colour, and so very hard to resist. I was completely thrilled, though, when I opened up the parcel. The wool is beautiful, and she threw in some extra single balls of wool, and a few balls of great, colourful, fuzzy yarn. I'm thinking about making Gwen a poncho, but that will go on the back burner of the imagination, for the moment. I will post pictures once I get my computer back, but wanted to tell you all anyway. I feel like I should end this post with something clever, but am completely without a single clever thing to say. Thanks for sticking around, all. Regular blogging should return shortly.