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Birthday Bounty

How's that for some yarn porn? My heartbeat still hasn't slowed down! This treasure was all waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday. A week or so ago, Stuart suggested I place myself a big fat yarn order, since he hadn't given me a birthday gift. I went a little crazy, ordering a few back issues of magazines, Fibre Trends patterns for the Baltic Lace Stole and both adult and children's sized Felted Clogs. A few balls of Mission Falls cotton got thrown in, as well as several different colours of wool (for the slippers). Last but not least, the Galway Wool on the far left is for a sweater. For me, me, me! I am determined to make something for myself, and that it will fit, and that I will finish it! Big dreams, eh? My big surprise, though, when I opened up the package, was that Stuart had been sneaky. He went online after I placed my order, and ordered me a set of Denise interchangeable needles. I've been longing for them for a long time, but could never justify the purchase. What a great treat! I haven't tried them out yet, although they're not in the picture because I had everything out all over the place when I snapped the photo. If you've never heard of them, I ordered from Busy Hands Yarn, which is sadly going out of business. If you're a bargain hound, there are bargains to be had! Once I knew I was going to be working for a bit, and more hours than I was planning, I allowed myself a second order of a few things I passed over the first time. It should be here the end of this week or early next (Canada Post is a flighty bunch at times), so I'll show you my next set of goodies then. Boy, do I feel spoiled!