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Am I Getting Cocky?

I spent yesterday morning basking in the glow of the finished mittens, and knitting up a pair of Fingerless Mitts for my mum with the left over yarn. There is still lots left, even enough for another pair of these. I couldn't believe how fast these knit up - I sat around my living room watching The Age of Innocence, and these were done by the time Mr. Archer staggered off at the end. I must confess, I've always wanted to read this book, and never have, so was pleased to see the movie on the TV. I loved the story, and was irritated by the ending. The pattern is from Weekend Knitting, and what I love most about it is that the pattern is more of a "recipe", modified for 3 different sizes, and 3 different weights of yarn. Please excuse the sorry photograph - I had a reluctant, cranky-pants photographer. (But do admire the chalk artwork on my drive - the little ones almost hope for rainfall, to give them a fresh canvas.) These mitts are comfortable to wear, and I can see myself this winter with a few pairs, just to wear around the house on the cold mornings. (Who am I kidding? That's every morning.) I fear, however, that I'm getting a bit cocky. The four months until Christmas is lulling me into a false sense of security. I say to myself, "I've finished two projects already, and it's only the end of August. I'll have no problem getting my list done in time. I can work on something else for a bit." We all know how untrue this is. If I buy into this kind of argument, the next thing you know it will be December 24th, and I'll be frantically knitting up a little pirate sweater, or seaming and stuffing a dolly. So. OK. Must focus. Back to work. Edited to add: I was at the library this morning when I realized that I had said the pattern came from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. Apparently I have it on the brain, since that's completely wrong. The pattern came from Weekend Knitting.