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They're Done, They're Done, They're Done!

All right, all, join me in celebration at the happy moment of another Finished Object! I finished these last night, and ran around the living room, waving these mittens around and singing Ta-Da! Stuart and Jeannie just watched me in bemusement, and waited to start the movie until I'd sat down. I suppose I should be grateful for their patience. They could have just pressed Play, and looked around me!

I am very pleased with how these turned out (obviously). They just feel so... advanced, professional, like a grown-up knitter kind of thing to do. This could be because my Mother in law is a pretty expert knitter, and has kept my children in mittens for years. Or, it could be that I am simply easily impressed. Either way, I'm good. I'm good.


Pattern: Flap Top Mittens, from Handknit Holidays

Yarn: Galway Irish Worsted Knitting Wool, colours #620 and #09. You still can't see very well in the photo, but they're solid black, with a heathery red trim. One 100g skein of each, although there is naturally a significant amount of the red left. I think I may knit up some fingerless gloves for my mum with it.

Started: August 08, 2006

Finished: August 19, 2006

Modifications: I followed the pattern pretty much exactly, except for one small thing. When setting up the flap, you are instructed to knit, wrapping the yarn twice, and then next round you slip all those wraps onto a separate DPN. I used M1 instead, it just felt stronger somehow, and was easier for me to work with, and see what I was doing.

My Review: Definitely a good pattern. Fun, easy to knit, full of gratification. I will likely knit this again. In fact, family members and friends are already lining up. They just don't understand the idea of planning ahead for Christmas. Actually, these mittens are not a Christmas gift, they're a birthday gift for my step-father, who has his special day in October.