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Cables and Lace

I've been making progress on my next project from The List. This is a scarf for my mother-in-law, knit from Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. Oh my, the yarn is sooooo soft! I've never before worked with a "luxury" yarn, and it feels so nice in my hands, I just love working with it. This is my first attempt at cables, and I must say, you were all correct! I have been told time and again how easy cables were, and I was amazed at how simple this really was. I know there are more complex cables out there, but this is very encouraging for a beginner like me. The pattern is by Jen Appleby , who also designed the cable sweater with pockets in the current Interweave Knits. I recently subscribed, so am eagerly waiting my first copy in the mail. Jen had a booth at a Quilt Exhibition here in the spring. I purchased the yarn from her, and she included the pattern. The sock is coming along nicely. I'm on my way down the foot now, so it's close to the end. Brian has already put his name in for a pair, and I think I have some brightly coloured sock yarn in the stash that will do the job. I think each child is going to need a pair before I have permission to make myself some socks. Unfair though it may seem, at least they get basic old sock yarn. I'm waiting to get myself something really beautiful, like Lorna's Laces, or even better, some of that sweet Fleece Artist Merino. (In keeping with my new "responsibility" ideas, I have decided to at least make an effort to purchase independently made, or Canadian made yarn. With some of the amazing Canadian manufacturers out there, I'm sure I'll have no difficulty at all. Can anyone say Koigu?) Jobwise, I've really been thrown into the deep end. I worked a half shift last night, and go back tonight again. I'm going to have extra money for yarn, but no time to knit with it, apparently. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at the friendly, positive management and staff I've come into contact with so far. And I was pleased to read, in the introduction booklet, that Wal-Mart does have a "Buy Canadian" policy. I don't know how far that goes, but it does warrant some looking into, at least! Thanks so much for the positivity sent my way - it was sooo appreciated!