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Sock Yarn

I had planned a lovely post, with pictures of my completed sock (Yay!) and my progress on the second (just finished the heel). When I sat down to photograph and post, however, I realized my camera batteries had died, and had to go back on the charger. Sigh. The yarn I am using is Patons Kroy Stripes, in the Krazy Stripes colourway. I have quite a few balls of this yarn in this colour and (I think) Kool Stripes. It is a 75% wool, 25% nylon blend. It's not terribly soft, but seems to knit up pretty well, although I'm not an expert in the sock department. I bought all this yarn when Lewiscraft was going out of business and everything is on sale. The reason I didn't spray my hair on Wacky Hair day (because I have always secretly yearned for Navy Blue hair) is that I was called for a job interview! I have applied to a couple of places that are open evenings/weekends, to see if I could pick up a few hours a week at times when Stuart is at home with the kiddies. Last Friday, when off to Wal-Mart to do our weekly shop there, I took a resume and dropped it off. They called later that afternoon to set up an interview, and today I go for a 6 hour orientation. SIX HOURS! I'm sure I'll be thoroughly brainwashed by then. ;-) Now, I'm pleased that it has all happened so smoothly, and quickly, but I can not make myself get really excited about this job. It's good, it's just what I was looking for, and I have no problem with the actual work, but I have been struggling with the idea of "social responsibility" lately. I am not sure how working for Wal-Mart fits in with my new ideas of how I should be spending my time and money. I haven't got it all worked out in my head yet, but I've been thinking lately about the consequences of our consumerism as a whole, and wondering if I should be shopping and accumulating less, while spending a little more for quality, or independently produced goods. Sorry to sound so vague and unclear, but I guess that's just how I'm feeling today. I'm also a tad blue for other reasons I won't go into right now, so if you can, think happy, positive thoughts for me today, please! I could use all the help I can get!