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Finished Footies

Here is a photo of Katie modeling the completed socks! She is very pleased to have them before school starts, and I am very pleased to have completed a pair of socks! Now that I'm working, I'm finding I have much, much less knitting time, and it's a bit frustrating. Here are the particulars: Pattern: Fruit-Flavored Striped Footies, from the July 2006 Creative Knitting Yarn: Patons Kroy, in Krazy Stripes Started: August 12, 2006 Finished: August 28, 2006 Modifications: I sized this pattern up a bit, since it only goes up to size 12, and Katie's feet are larger. Other than that, I followed it to the letter, and even managed to Kitchener the toes. It seems like a good pattern, and I've had a really tough time locating sock patterns for these sizes of feet. It seems like all the ones I run across are sized for adults, or toddlers. I've cast on for a second pair of these, but since they're for Brian, I plan to make the top longer (he's not such a footie kind of guy). I was sitting and knitting this morning, while the kids were watching Lilo & Stitch (the weekly show, not the movie). They had a little alien running around zapping people, who all started behaving instantly as though they were on holiday. Every person only did what was fun for them. I wondered: if I got zapped, would I stop knitting? I don't think so.