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Roses and Galway Plans

Autumn is coming. The mornings are cool and crisp, and the light has changed. Here is my very last rose of the season. I love fall, and am generally so excited to see the start of it, but this year I'm so busy with work and school starting, that I haven't had a chance to enjoy the early signs of the change in seasons. In my own garden the leaves are still green, but down by the river there is a large amount of yellow. My favourite thing to do at this time of year is pick up a chai tea, and go sit on the riverbank, listening to the trees say goodnight, and watching the water. Perhaps next week, when the big kids are back in school, I'll have a chance. I'd hate to miss tucking in the river trees for the winter. The Galway is lovely, I'm very pleased with it. When I ordered it, I had chosen a different colour, and then found out there was not enough, and had to go with a second choice. I closed my eyes and picked from three different colours, and this one looked quite raspberry-ish on the monitor. I was delighted to open up the box and see this soft, purpley, heatherey sort of yarn. What I am longing for is a cozy sweater to wear with jeans on a chilly morning. Nothing too fitting, but not hanging like a sack, either. Nothing too complicated, but also not boring to knit. I am undecided between a pullover and a cardigan. Sometimes I hate pulling things on and off over my head - a cardigan you can take on and off depending on what you (or the mucky baby) are doing. I think I prefer the idea of a pullover, but in stores while shopping, I am always drawn to the cabled cardigans. My mind is wandering all over the place, trying to make a decision. I can't start it until my Christmas Knitting is finished, so I have time to make a choice, but I'm a planner, and can't rest until a pattern has been designated for this yarn. It's sitting there in limbo at the moment, and that just can't be. I have 6 balls, so about 1300 yards, which should be enough for a small/medium sweater. At this point I have three basic ideas. 1. The Not Your Standard Issue Sweatshirt, from Yarn Girl's Guide to Simple Knits. I have really liked this pattern for a long time, and it's description seems to fit what I want this sweater to be. The gauge is slightly off, though, the pattern calls for 4 sts/1", and the Galway is 4.5 sts/1". Also, it's a very simple pattern. Will I get bored and put it off? 2. The Woman's Cardigan, from KnitSimple, Fall 2006. This is a cabled cardigan, and doesn't seem too difficult. The interest is definitely there, since there's so much going on. It calls for the same gauge as option #1. It's a bit short in the length for me, but I suppose I could lengthen it a titch. 3. The Hourglass Sweater, from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. Very pretty. I love the neckline. The sweater is simple, which I like, but still looks flattering. Will it be comfy enough to pull on over a T-shirt? I don't know. It has shaping, which I like, but is basically all stocking stitch. I know some of you out there have made this pattern. Any advice? Will I get frustrated with all the stocking stitch and throw in in a bag somewhere? Please, dear readers. I am open to any and all suggestions, thoughts and advice. Do share! Also, am I the only one out there who sounds out the verification letters when posting a comment to a blog? I catch myself doing it every single time - my family most likely thinks I'm inventing my own language. I sit and mutter my strange new word under my breath over and over. Until I catch myself, shake my head and have a sip of tea, that is.