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Patterns and Providence

Hello to all, this is a quick post just to keep my hand in, so to speak. I'm almost halfway through the work week of hell, and looking forward to a day off on Tuesday. The Pirate Sweater, to answer your questions, is from the book Adorable Knits for Tiny Tots, by Zoe Mellor. It is a truly excellent book, although I understand there are some errors, and errata is hard to come by. I ended up emailing both the publisher and designer directly, and someone answered me with a document of corrections for the sweater, although I'm not sure of the source. Still, the book is full of absolutely wonderful baby and small children's patterns. I had an exciting thing happen last night, and I must share. (Remember, small things make me very happy.) My oldest daughter has been campaigning for a pair of camouflage pants for the past couple of months. We looked around a bit, and the pair she wanted was $45, which made me laugh out loud. I know you all know how much yarn you can buy with that much money - obviously she did not. At any rate, I told her that perhaps for her birthday I would buy her a pair, and left it at that. (Her happy day is in the beginning of November.) Yesterday, at Wal-Mart, I happened to cruise by the girl's clothing department on my way to clock in, and found a lone pair of camo pants! In her size! I quickly passed them to Stuart (who occasionally still walks me to work - he's so sweet sometimes), and he bought them and stashed them. Yay! Another random funny thing this morning - the Canada Post guy drove up to my house. No big deal, this is a fairly regular occurrence here. If I'm not waiting for yarn, then Stuart has found a treasure on eBay, or has ordered some essential toy for his telescope. Apparently the postman thinks the same way. After I signed for the package, I realized it was for my neigbour - not for us at all! When the postman looked at the address, and saw it was in this area, he just assumed it was us! Too funny, and maybe a little scary? Perhaps we do too much online shopping. I did take the opportunity to advise him that I do have yarn on the way, however, so he could watch for it, and get it over here as quickly as possible :0)